Sunday, February 27, 2011

New mix, as promised.

Hey guys, got my ass mixing last night, and put together a lil mixed version of the Deadmau5 album 'At Play vol3'. Techy electro-y goodness. Sure to please the Deadmau5 fans.

or so I hope hehe. Enjoy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Was gonna go see Buck65, bus didn't agree....

The Canada Winter Games are in town this year, and along with the entertainment of quality amatuer sport competitions, they offered a nightly concert series in Downtown Halifax's Parade Square (oh wait I hear they call it Celebration Quare now? pfft). I hadn't had a chance to get out and see any of the festivities, but when I read Buck was headlining tonight I made it a point to meet up with a chum and check it out.

That is where bus #52 comes in. This bus is like a cancer on the bus industry (NWP/DD shout out OBV). The MOST UNRELIABLE bus in service in all of the HRM. Oh, and I am ohhh sooo lucky to live on its route. This damn bus is either a mile late (when you are at stop nice and early) or it somehow flies thru its route (when you are pushing a minute late to the stop). The best (read: WORST) is when u barely miss one run because he was early (1/1,000 shot right there), and then the next driver is the standard 5-10 minutes late, meaning you're stuck waiting 40+ minutes for a bus that runs every 30!! Long rant short, the #52 bus never runs on time, no matter what time of day or week, busy or not. I need to move onto a new bus route. Or get my liscence back and look to score a car.

So I didn't make it to the Buck65 show, of course. Ended up stopping in Wendy's for a dish of Honey BBQ wings + 3 junior bacon cheeseburgers. mm mm good.

On a musical note, thinking of putting together an all Deadmau5 mix, in the same vein as the Marco V mix I did last year. Nothing special, just a mixed version of one of his latest albums. For the fun of it.

Look for it this weekend! Ciao for now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weather is ugly. Boring humpday ahead.

Middle of the week, and the weather is simply not co-operating with the idea of going out and hitting up a lil Wok Box take out. I haven't been there yet, but from my perspective this place basically sells itself as the new wave of asian fast food. I've been hearing about a place in the States called "Panda Express" or something that sounds like a similar concept (having only heard some of the dishes available).

I am a sucker for that crispy batter chicken, either Orange or Teriyaki preferred.

I went to their website recently, but was disappointed they didnt have the FULL menu up. Luckily, they take out menu came in the weekly flyers so I can scout out my choice in advance.

Their website is for u fellow canucks. They started in Edmonton and are fast spreading. I will let you all know what I thought of it in another post.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

NEW MIX!!! Eclectic Grooves

Didn't quite turn out the way I had planned. Ended up playing a random selection of tracks from the compilation I mentioned in the post from earlier today.

Feedback always welcomed, and I believe if you access my mixcloud page, it can be downloaded for future head nodding.

Cheers for now, and OBV Enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In the Mood to Mix

  First things first, I am back in the habit of paying for music.  Especially since I have decided to take DJing seriously again, and maybe get my name out there a lil more then back when I used to gig (roughly 2001-2007).

 Fortunately I am gifted at being cheap, and am able to seek out kick ass deals on beats.  My latest purchase was via iTunes, and was like a diamond in the rough sorta find.  Generally when I see these cheap compilations, with lots of tracks for a cheap price, it is all euro fluff trashy trance, even if it says techno or tech house etc.

  I went in search of deep groovy tech house, and found a 50 track pack for 10 bucks.  Now Im not gonna act like all 50 tracks are grade A for what I am into, but in fairness I was looking for a particular sound and expecting a precise sound for 50 tracks is silly.  I will say, that all 50 tracks will have a place in my sets for sure.

  The first half or so of the tracks is rather diverse, but the second half is where my favorites of the bunch will be found.  Deep n heavy, mmm mmm good.

  It will be these selections that I use to put together a lil mix tonight.  Hopefully I can get it uploaded and posted into the player on the right tonight as well.  Still no mixer, but the music must go on in the meantime. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UPDATE: Mix available in side bar

Nothing special to say (maybe after poker tournys tonight), but wanted to update quickly.  Finally added a widget on the right, that will feature a random DJ mix by me, rotating as I upload more.  Currently I have one of the mixes I mentioned in my last post, which comes with a handy tracklisting, for the spotters.

That's all for now, enjoy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A few mixes

Here are a few random mixes that I remembered putting online not long ago.  These are mixed decently, about as good as I could do simply pointing and clicking on VirtualDJ.  They will get a lot more creative once I am using an actual mixer with the program.

This is pretty random, spanning a few genres.

This one is a mixdown of one of Marco V's latest albums......

Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting back into DJing

   It's been about 4 years+ since my last gig.  That last gig was a make-up gig for a show I had to cut short due to receiving horrific news mid-set.  My whole gigging vibe was thrown off, and I basically quit mixing altogether for a few years. 

  But over the last 2 years or so, I've really gotten an ear and mind for it again.  I have mostly been mixing digitally on the laptop, but that is not cutting it anymore.  I have begun to get out a lil more, at the same time getting an idea of what is moving dancefloors in Halifax these days.  Needless to say, there is still a great energy in this city; an energy I have definitely missed.  But being so rusty, especially when it comes to playing out on larger sound, is not an option for me.  So I have decided to kit up a bit, to work of the rust mixing live as opposed to with my mouse on the coach, heh.

  Not going to go all out, just going to start with a USB mixer/interface to get back to real hands on mixing.  Have been taking a serious look at 2 models, with one featuring jog wheels for more of a hands on experience.

The first is the M-Audio X-Session Pro.  Fairly simple layout, lots of function knobs (3band eq+3fx/channel).  Every button and fader is assignable to any function as midi controller, but many are laid out to be used as they are (standard mixer funct's).  This is the cheaper of my options @ roughly $100cdn.

Also looking at the Hercules DJ Console MK4

This comes in a lil pricier ($179cdn), but is def worth it.  Many more functions/controls on this one, including jog wheels, which in the right setting, offers a very solid scratch ability.  This piece works with Virtual DJ, and the buttons are all what you find as features in the software.  Judging by review videos I have seen, it is very easy to use if you are already a virtualdj user (that's me!).

Also, there is a bypass option, and inputs for vinyl turntables.  So if you prefer a larger hands on the record feel vs the smaller jog wheels, you can hook  your time coded vinyl  up thru the software.

So I don't know which one I will decide on.  Got one helluva tax return coming, but don't expect it for at least 3-4 more weeks.  So I got time to really decide.   I don't mind being cheap here, cuz even the smaller $100 option will allow me to step my game back up greatly.  I will update for sure.  May even update this entry with a few of the demo videos I have watched. 

Peace for now guys.

Thanks for reading and supporting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brief 5am update

  Played some poker today.  Long evening/night of grinding, with little to show for it.  Cashed in 2/5 but net loser for the day.  Got my chips all in deep in 2 4.40s with the best hand and got donked out by retards.  In game #2 the same guy snapped my stronger hand b2b and I was sudddenly out 9th, as opposed to having a huge lead with 8 remaining and a clear shot at the 220+ 1st prize.  Could have easily had two wins today and a nice payday, but Jokerstars hates me.

Just as I predicted, the Dow Jones Ind Avg, jumped up from the 12,000 level nicely today, right off the open.  Marks the beginning of what I think will be a strong week on Wall St.

5:20am now, time to hit the hay.  4:20 for all you ESTers.  :3


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday/UFC 126

Superbowl marks the biggest Sunday of the year in sports for many.  With the cost of advertising, per 30 second spot, at an all time high (if I'm not mistaken) it is hard to argue with the financial side of things.  One this is for sure.  This is anyone's game, with the Packers as a -3.0 fave as of this writing.  Can Rodgers follow thru a brilliant breakout season with a SuperBowl victory?  Or will Big Ben and company show that experience counts the most today?  Who knows, but I like the Steelers here.  33-28 PITT.

Also wanted to give a quick WAR SILVAAAA!!!!!  What a kick.  Steven Seagal is GOD also.

Final note to cap off the brief debut post.......I'm looking for the DOW to push off nicely from 12000 this week.

Ciao 4 nao

Saturday, February 5, 2011

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