Saturday, February 19, 2011

In the Mood to Mix

  First things first, I am back in the habit of paying for music.  Especially since I have decided to take DJing seriously again, and maybe get my name out there a lil more then back when I used to gig (roughly 2001-2007).

 Fortunately I am gifted at being cheap, and am able to seek out kick ass deals on beats.  My latest purchase was via iTunes, and was like a diamond in the rough sorta find.  Generally when I see these cheap compilations, with lots of tracks for a cheap price, it is all euro fluff trashy trance, even if it says techno or tech house etc.

  I went in search of deep groovy tech house, and found a 50 track pack for 10 bucks.  Now Im not gonna act like all 50 tracks are grade A for what I am into, but in fairness I was looking for a particular sound and expecting a precise sound for 50 tracks is silly.  I will say, that all 50 tracks will have a place in my sets for sure.

  The first half or so of the tracks is rather diverse, but the second half is where my favorites of the bunch will be found.  Deep n heavy, mmm mmm good.

  It will be these selections that I use to put together a lil mix tonight.  Hopefully I can get it uploaded and posted into the player on the right tonight as well.  Still no mixer, but the music must go on in the meantime. :)


  1. nice find on the tracks. will be looking forward to what you can mix up.

  2. looking forward to hear your mix bro, looks like it's going to be good

  3. I haven't payed for music in 10 years. But then again I'm not a DJ.

  4. I'm thinking of buying a Korg Khaoss pad, do you have any experience with them?